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witchwithball1Welcome to Nikki’s Book Page. Cool stuff’s happening here. Be careful … you may lose your shoes … or be kidnapped by a witch…

That’s right! Check out Mushi Sushi Soccer Shoes to see how a soccer player lost her shoes and had to play wearing cowboy boots … AND coming soon(!!) a brand new fantasy book filled with elves, faeries, polar bears, willipods, and witches. See, Chronicles of Saint Nikolaus:Rowan and the Inuit, Book One.

Background.  So how did Nikki get into all this book writing stuff? Like any mother, it all started with her child: “My daughter was an insatiable reader. We just couldn’t keep her in books. So I started writing chapter books for her age group. At the time, she was in the second grade. Of course, after multiple re-writes, critiques, and finding a publisher willing to back a brand new author, my daughter was around eleven when the first ALEX book was published in 1987. But that’s okay. Most of the stories are based on her escapades (plus a few of my own) and reading them again and again is a way to remember and record much of her childhood.”

The Books

The original Alex Series consisted of twelve novels plus a devotional for readers ages 7 to 11. Now, nearly three decades later, the new and updated ALEX ADVENTURES Series is released with Book One, Mushi Sushi Soccer Shoes.

Mushi Sushi Soccer Shoes, Book One

List $4.99, children 7-11

List $4.99, children 7-11

Available now in print and electronic versions on at this link, Books by Nikki Simpson, Mushi Sushi Soccer Shoes, Book One in the NEW Alex Adventures.

One little lie … BIG trouble! When a dog runs away with Alex’s new soccer shoe, Alex cannot face her mother with the truth. But how can she replace the shoe when she has no money and can’t go to the store by herself? Even worse, a big soccer game is coming up at the end of the week and Alex can’t play without both soccer shoes. Join Alex and friends to see how one lie creates another and another forcing Alex into deeper and deeper trouble. All kids get into the same kind of dilemmas as Alex – situations that start out small but expand to gigantic proportions. Readers will learn along with Alex that it’s best to own up to a mistake rather than try to cover one up.twig1Coming soon to Amazon:

Chronicles of Saint Nikolaus: Rowan and the Inuit, Book One… An  epic fantasy  for middle-grade readers.

RowanAndTheInuitRowan, a wood elf of Cissbury Ring, has never met a human being. She has never taught a reindeer to fly, been captured by the dastardly Yuletide Horde, flown the skies on the back of a broomstick, or ridden the Firedog transport deep within Earth’s crusty mantle. But all that (and more) is about to happen as Rowan finds herself entangled in the adventures of a lifetime—a daring rescue mission deep within the breathtaking Arctic night filled with stars, nebulae, shimmering Aurora, and … talking constellations! It seems the nine famous reindeer have been kidnapped from their posh North Pole stables. Who would commit such a devious crime? That’s what the good villagers of Saints Village want to know. And the answer better come quick for it is only a few days until the reindeer must fly around the world. Aided by an authentic faerie Godmother and two Texas dwarves, Rowan must make the hardest decision of her life. Can she depend upon a mortal boy and his bear to help solve the most scandalous kidnapping ever to disgrace the North Pole?twig1

Published Works by Nikki:

ALEX Series for girls                                           TJ Series for boys
Shoelaces and Brussels Sprouts                        The Pet That Never Was
French Fry Forgiveness                                       Fastest Car in the County
Hot Chocolate Friendship                                    Trouble in the Deep End
Peanut Butter and Jelly Secrets                           Hero for a Season
Cherry Cola Champions                                       Master of Disaster
Mint Cookie Miracles
Salty Scarecrow Solution
Peach Pit Popularity
T-Bone Trouble
Grapefruit Basket Upset
Apple-Turnover Treasure
Crocodile Meatloaf
Chocolate Chips and Trumpet Tricks, (a devotional)

Face to Face With Women of the Bible, sixty-eight Scripture stories,
published under the name “Nancy Simpson.”

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